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Business management that suits your needs


I will work with you to design a business plan custom tailored to fit your needs. With my expertise, I can take your vision and help you identify the steps and services necessary to achieve your goals. I offer business planning ranging from single project to overall structure.

As part of this process I will review your existing paperwork, organization, and chain of operations. I will work to utilize systems already in place, and will help develop any systems your business lacks.

Through this process I will help you demystify the path to a successful business. 


Everyday business operations typically revolve around a schedule and set of predetermined plans.  Some strategies are better than others at maximizing efficiency and effectiveness. I can help you build a catered operational system from the ground up, or I can help you modify your existing design.

Whether you're looking for growth, or refinement of existing structures,  executable strategies are important. Does your business have appropriate client acquisition and retainment strategy? What about social impact strategy? Marketing strategy? There are many elements of business strategy that managers overlook, or aren't aware of to begin with. In an ever-changing society, both B2B (Business to Business) and B2C (Business to Consumer) businesses must be ready to adapt and transform.

While strategy and operations are separate elements in a business, they must work together like a well oiled machine to ensure success. Efficient cohesion in these two areas directly increases profit margin. Every instance of inefficient time, resource, and financial management has a snowballing penalty in business.


As hinted above, cohesion of business elements is essential to success. While some business owners may seek an entire rework, others merely need improve on existing processes.

It may only take a few hours for me to sit down, evaluate your current systems, and create improvements. Such improvements when implemented can result in better time, resource, and financial management. Improvements can be temporary, or permanent, and are catered to individual client needs and worries.

The primary function of Northrup Consulting is to provide Front-Office and Back-Office management services. 


As part of my business peripheral, I can perform the following services:

Website Design/Maintenance : Build your website and maintain it (or teach you how to maintain/modify it) 

Business Consulting: Administrative, organizational, marketing, and branding advice or management. 

Software Use Training : Microsoft, Casemap, Quickbooks, Adobe, Google, Zoom, Other (Inquire)

Support Staff: (Availability and accommodation limited)

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