When you need marketing, organization, or just extra support.



Branding is the first step in establishing recognition. Your branding sets you apart from your competitors, and shows your potential customers why you're the best choice. We can help you develop the key factors of:
  • Brand Essence
  • Brand Positioning
  • Brand Persona


Whether management decisions fall on you as a business owner, or on your staff, effective control, structure, and planning are necessary components to help your business succeed. Direction, coordination, and organization are critical business elements we can help you develop.
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In 2021, marketing potential is virtually limitless. From social media, to local print, to online presence, marketing is essential to business growth. We can help you:
  • Understand and evaluate market research analytics to increase profit
  • Identify and target your customers
  • Increase your brand presence/manage your social media


Business finances are paramount to continued growth and success. We believe every business owner and manager can benefit from knowing basic accounting principles. We can provide you with the knowledge necessary to effectively and efficiently communicate with your bookkeeper or CPA. We can help you quantify and qualify your business expenses, investments, growth, and sustainability. With a clear understanding of your finances, you can take steps towards maximizing your profits. Through Northrup Consulting you can choose to work directly with a Registered Investment Advisor who can help you translate your personal savings into new growth.
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